Friday, June 12, 2009

What If?

Have you ever noticed all the "what if's?" that life has to offer? Things happen and we think: "Well, what if I had done this instead, that would change everything!" It's sad when things do not turn out the way we wanted them to. We plan out things in our minds all the time without realizing that no matter what we're planning to happen, it is all in the big man's hands. He really does have the whole world in his hands, and I believe that each of our lives is like a book that he writes. The thing that amazes me the most, though, is that just because he has a ridiculous amount of books to write, does not mean that he writes a jumble of dull, boring books. No, he does just the opposite. He writes every detail, every funny moment, every accomplishment, every failure, every friendship, every relationship, he writes everything, and does not miss even the smallest detail in our life.
Sometimes, something will tick me off, and to cool myself down I just think to myself, "He must be chuckling at me up there." Other times, I'll be laughing and telling stories with my friends and will thank Him for the great friendships He has blessed me with. He has given me second chances that I should be, yet sometimes fail to be thankful for. He has helped me make the right decisions, while at other times I have knowingly made the wrong ones. He makes me a stronger person, and each day I strive to become closer to Him. Just as Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me." Every time I am faced with a challenge in life, I look back to this verse. It has helped me gain confidence that I can achieve my goals with the help of the Lord.
So, instead of looking back on failures and saying "What if?", look back and notice your mistakes, but move on. Because even though it may be hard, and you may struggle, God has written your life already and, while it may be hard to believe, that failure was supposed to happen the way it did. He has much more in store for you, and you can do anything through Him who strengthens you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The school year is about to end and I still cannot grasp it! What a crazy year! Hectic, abundant with drama, I guess that's High School for ya. So I guess I'm going to dedicate this blog to lessons learned in the ninth grade. Well, of course I made mistakes, everyone does! I regret a bunch of things. Sometimes I look back and read things I've written sometime or another and want to just slap myself! There are sooo many things that I look back on and I'm like c'mon Miranda weren't you smart enough not to say that? Haha. Well anyways, one mistake I wish I wouldn't have made so much is holding grudges. My bible study group is studying the book of James currently, and one of the past lessons just hit me because it deliberately was telling me not to hold grudges, and yet I was. Things happen for a reason, if someone has done something to you or hurt your feelings, don't worry about it! Everything happens for a reason. :) I've also learned to watch my mouth! You gotta watch what you say about others in high school! Because the simplest thing you may say about someone can be distorted by other mouths and that person may hear something you said about them that is totally over exaggerated; but it doesn't matter because you did talk about them so technically it is your fault. And last but not least, I have learned to never ever ever ditch your friends for a guy! Because they always love you and always want the best for you but it's just not right to kick the to the curb for someone of the opposite sex. dumb. lol. I want to give a shout out to my good friend Anna. No matter what, she always wants to see me happy, even though I don't deserve it. I love you anna! This year has been grreat, sure things go wrong but you have to stay strong. Keep reading!
- Miranda

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Journey Continues at the Florida Keys

So shortly after I was done writing my entry yesterday, my mom and others went snorkeling on the reef. Come to find out she was stung by a sting ray! She was wobbling around and her foot was swolen so Dad decided to send her to the ER. She got some drugs and is feeling a little better but the foot is still swole
Yesterday afternoon, all the kids of the group: myself, Ken, Arielle, Landon, Tyler, Greyson and Weston hung out. We were all talking about talking in our sleep and FFA and all of the sudden Greyson says, "Hey! One time I drank almost fifteen gallons of water in one day!", we all busted out laughing and how random he was being and hurt his feelings so he ran out the door and hid in the treehouse. Arielle had to go fish him out of the tree, poor fella is so sensitive! Then we all took a walk to the local park where on the way we saw like six deer in one yard so there we were, seven kids standing at the gate of a native's yard and he yelled at us! And all we were doing was taking pictures! We just haven't seen something like that before. Seriously, in Levy County if that were to happen those people would be having venison for dinner! Then we continued on our journey and Landon and Tyler decide they want themselves a coconut. So they pick a random palm tree at the edge of someones yard and Kendra and Landon put Tyler in a cheerleading stunt to grab us a coconut and all of the sudden we hear stompings coming from the house so we all sprint down the road, and there on the tree grabbing the coconut Tyler swings back and forth! Well, he finally caught up with us and we keep walking and Kendra and I notice this guy come out of literally nowhere behind us from one side of the woods to the other, at that point, Kendra and I locked elbows. We finally made it to the park safely, believe it or not, and they played kickball with a native family. I had flip flops on so I played a game on Kendra's phone. Then we made brownie sundaes which were great and I woke up this morning and there were only two brownies left!..... So I made another brownie sundae for breakfast :)
Kendra, Arielle and I went to Key West with Mandi and Gooby today. We had a blast! We first went to the Keno factory and bought us all some sandals. Then we all split and the twins and I searched long and hard for a decent restaraunt. We ended up eating at a place called Sloppy Jo's where I had some delicious sloppy jo fries with melted cheddar cheese on top =] Then we went to a few more stores and Logan had told Ken and I about this place that sells key lime pie on a stick and dips it in chocolate called the Blond Giraffe, so we headed that way and I guess this guy heard us talking about it and told us that we needed to go to this other place because they make their pie daily, which didn't matter to me because I don't even like key lime pie, but anyways we went to the place the native reccommended. I was content because I got a ginormous chocolate chip cookie! And Arielle just so happened to find a post card at the place that gave her a slogan for state office (she's running for ffa state office), so all in all it was a good thing we went to that place. Then we bought these belts that were three for five dollars, I bought a jacket, and we also got friendship bracelets! It was a fun trip!
On the way back to Big Pine Key, there was an iguana in the middle of the road and Gooby was like "Iguana! Iguana!" and then we swirved and I'm still not sure if we hit it or not. And now we're about to eat roast beef and such! peace!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter/ Spring Break!

Wow, it's been awhile since I wrote. I gave up the computer and carbs for lent, which was no fun, but it was worth it! So fifteen of us are down in the Keys for Easter/ spring break: Me, Mom, Dad, Arielle, Kendra, sister Mandi, nephews Greyson and Weston, Uncle Gooby, Aunt Vanice, Granny Asbell, Aunt Marcia, Uncle Johnny, cousin Landon, and his friend Tyler.. Oh and Uncle Gooby's dog, Bodie. So we're all in this house and, like mother like daughter, Mandi and Mom don't like the accomodations, but I think it's okay!
Being here only one day has been quite an adventure! We left the pondorosa at 7 am yesterday morning, stopped at this Cuban place where everything on the menu was in Spanish, and continued down to Big Pine Key. We got here and it's this big yellow house. Now the thing is, the upstairs is pretty nice, but the downstairs, where all the kids happen to be, is not so nice. But there's a treehouse outside! So one night Kendra and I are gonna buy some heavy duty water guns and sit there and squirt everyone who walks by! We also have a chalk wall in our room!! So we decided to write our names on it and funny quotes that come up during the week, so far we have a quote from Ken: "Deer in the Winn DIxie parking lot!" No lie. There are deer everywhere here because apparently it's illegal to hunt them down here, so they just randomly cross the road and you just have to patiently wait for them to mozy on along, they don't even get scared! But Dad was taking us to Winn Dixie at like midnight last night ( daddy's little girl =]) and all of the sudden we hear Kendra just laughing and mumbling that there is a deer in the parking lot! Oh and tension was high last night! Since we have fifteen people we can't all travel together to eat but we ended up trying to find somewhere to eat at eight. But Dad has to be that kind of person who reads the reviews to the restaraunt and so on and so forth. So he finds us this "No Name Bar & Grill," and only half of us went, so we arrive and open the door to find one dollar bills nailed and taped to every square inch of this restaraunt, floors, walls, ceiling, everything! So we decide it wasn't the best choice and go over to this nice place called Square Grouper, or something along those lines... So we got seated within the next twenty minutes (keep in mind EVERYONE is here for vacation) and had some pretty great food, I had three ginormous scallops and pork sausage, it was the most filling no carb meal I've ever had! And too bad it wasn't midnight, although it was nearing, because the tables beside us ordered this amazing looking fondue! I was so jealous! When we came home we made brownies and I made this scrumpcious brownie sundae at 12:30 with cookie dough ice cream, hersheys syrup, and frozen twix all smothered on top! And so far this morning I've made waffles and forgot to spray the pan, Greyson has been kicked in the face by Weston, and trust me there is more madness to come! Keep tuned!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You're Not The Only One

What a day! Today was definitely not a worthless day! Reality came crashing down. I shall start with the quote "You can't always get what you want." This is sooo true. Too often in life do we expect everything to go our way and forget about God's plan. Today was the day that I was reminded of his plan. Wow. I can't say much about it except, "You get what you need!" I talked to a really good friend today, and realized I wasn't the only one who does stupid ridiculous things when they're upset. Hahahaha, you know after you cry at some point it's always amusing to look at how dramatic you were! Anyways, she had alot of things in common with me when we talked about being depressed. Oh lord, drama queens. But that's when I came to find, that in life you don't always get what you want, but you do get what you need. And that necessity for my life is good friends! Friends to laugh with and talk about the stupid things we do! =]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking Things For Granted

Two weekends ago, I went to Jacksonville to visit my favorite brother, Blake and sister-in-law, Lana. I had a blast! We traveled up to South Carolina to retrieve an antique china cabnet Miss Leisa (Lana's mom) had seen at a little botique when she had visited up there. Miss Leisa had said it would be perfect for Lana's dining room and it was, indeed. While driving up to Beaufort, we all talked about random subjects, I had been consumed with High School so much lately, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to just spend time with my siblings! We stayed at Lana's aunt's house on this tiny island with many gorgeous houses, and rode around in the funniest looking golf cart ever! It was sea green, and because of the windy weather, had a plastic cover on it with zipper doors! We all squeezed in there, and rode around, picking our favorite houses. I had a great time that weekend, and had really forgotten how much fun it can be to simply spend time with them.
Last weekend, my parents decided to treat me for Valentine's Day. Now, I'm not a big fan of the holiday, sometimes makes me want to gag, but I figured Mom and Dad were safe Valentines. :) We to a lake called Mt. Dora. It was beautiful! I am a huge fan of "The Notebook," and it reminded me of the town, New Bern, that the story is set in! Nice little compact town. Friday night we ate dinner and accidentally ordered 45 dollar crab for an appetizer, Mom and I coulda swore the waiter did not tell us the price! Then we went to see a play at a theater called "The Icehouse." It was pretty good, not like the phantom though ;-) But, Saturday was the best! Mom and I spent a day at the spa and had massages, body scrubs, facials, manicures, and pedicures. It was a great, relaxing day. However, to end the day we ate at the restraunt in the hotel and they were seating us twenty minutes late to our reservations!! All in all, it was a great little vacation and I had forgotten how fun quality family time can be!
We arrived home Sunday afternoon, and later Sunday night I went to spend the night with my best friend Rachel since her birthday was on Monday. Lily, our other good friend was also there at Rachel's and that night was an adventure! Rachel cut Lily's hair, soon after Lily almost cried because she wasn't sure if she liked it. Oh and I got us some scrumpcious candy... some even humorous! (Bologna Gum!) To end the night, we watched a crazy, scary movie called "Mirrors." And they fell asleep on me in the middle of it so best believe I changed that channel to something pleasant! Monday, Miss Beckie cooked us bacon and eggs and rice, quite delicious! Then we went to Bronson for Rachel to get her restricted license... she had to take the test twice, hahaha. We ate lunch at the one and only Bubba Q's with it's amazing "Redneck Nachos"- crinkle cut fries with cheddar cheese, shredded pork, and sweet bbq sauce as toppings. Miss Molly, Harley, and Max also met us there for lunch. Harley rode back to Rachel's with us... Praise the Lord we're all safe from Rachel's driving! When we did get back to Morriston, we chased cows!! That is my definition of a good time! We were all piled on the buggy, the four of us, singing "How Do I Live" while riding over manuer stacks and chasing the bull. Then, we had dinner (Chicken & Dumplings :) and Miss Molly cooked an amazing birthday cake for Rachel. It was so tempting that Harley and I dug in before we even sang Happy Birthday to Rachel! hehehe :] I used to take Lily, Rachel, and Harley for granted, even though they were there for me the entire time!

Truth is, all these people that I took for granted are those that know the real Miranda and know how to cheer me up and I can truly say that I enjoy the time I spend with them :]

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life so far...

Hey guys, I'm Miranda... I am a student in high school and I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I live in a small town where everyone knows everything about eachother... even some things you wouldn't want others to know, there's no way around it, someone's gonna tell someone else and before you know it, everyone knows. Despite that, I love this town. I've been here all my life and plan to die here as well... But I may want to move somewhere for college and what not. Well I'm active in the band here and the FFA. I have great friends... some of them are even like sisters. :) Arielle and Kendra are my triplets, they help me out with anything and everything and give me great advice.

Many people would say I have changed in the last year dramatically... I agree, I have matured, but I also know why. And if anyone who knew me would take a wild guess... they'd probably get it right as well :) I believe everything happens for a reason and that God has planned out each and every one of our lives... Almost as if he's the author of our life... We each have our own book of what's going to happen in the duration of our life. And there are different chapters. There are happy times, there are sad times, but there are always lessons learned. I have to think to myself "This is all part of God's plan." I've had some very influential people in my life. I can surely say they have changed me for the better. Some I get frustrated at sometimes... hehehe, we have our periods of time we can't stand eachother... But that's just what happens. We just come back together, like nothing ever happened.

Anyways, I have a loving family and church family. I love to sing! I'm a shy person, but I absolutely love to sing for some reason... It's so entertaining, especially when it's a good song you're singing. I also just love to listen to songs and the lyrics, I find that I can relate to many... Shhhh, don't tell anybody but I secretly love Carrie Underwood. :) I have a huge family: Mom and Dad of course... Then I have four older brothers: Nic, Blake, Cale, and Hunter, One older sister Mandi, A brother in law Jim, and two sister-in-laws: Lana and Michelle. I love them all very much, oh and I have two nephews Greyson and Weston... they are some cool kids. :) We have a second house in the stinkiest most unenjoyable place on earth: Cedar Key. :p I am dragged there practically every weekend. I was baptized in and am a member of my church. I also participate in the youth group and choir there. I play the piano, but I quit taking lessons for the time being, so hopefully I don't lose my talent. One of my friend's grandma is the best piano player I've ever seen/heard! I want to be like her someday. :)