Friday, June 12, 2009

What If?

Have you ever noticed all the "what if's?" that life has to offer? Things happen and we think: "Well, what if I had done this instead, that would change everything!" It's sad when things do not turn out the way we wanted them to. We plan out things in our minds all the time without realizing that no matter what we're planning to happen, it is all in the big man's hands. He really does have the whole world in his hands, and I believe that each of our lives is like a book that he writes. The thing that amazes me the most, though, is that just because he has a ridiculous amount of books to write, does not mean that he writes a jumble of dull, boring books. No, he does just the opposite. He writes every detail, every funny moment, every accomplishment, every failure, every friendship, every relationship, he writes everything, and does not miss even the smallest detail in our life.
Sometimes, something will tick me off, and to cool myself down I just think to myself, "He must be chuckling at me up there." Other times, I'll be laughing and telling stories with my friends and will thank Him for the great friendships He has blessed me with. He has given me second chances that I should be, yet sometimes fail to be thankful for. He has helped me make the right decisions, while at other times I have knowingly made the wrong ones. He makes me a stronger person, and each day I strive to become closer to Him. Just as Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me." Every time I am faced with a challenge in life, I look back to this verse. It has helped me gain confidence that I can achieve my goals with the help of the Lord.
So, instead of looking back on failures and saying "What if?", look back and notice your mistakes, but move on. Because even though it may be hard, and you may struggle, God has written your life already and, while it may be hard to believe, that failure was supposed to happen the way it did. He has much more in store for you, and you can do anything through Him who strengthens you.