Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter/ Spring Break!

Wow, it's been awhile since I wrote. I gave up the computer and carbs for lent, which was no fun, but it was worth it! So fifteen of us are down in the Keys for Easter/ spring break: Me, Mom, Dad, Arielle, Kendra, sister Mandi, nephews Greyson and Weston, Uncle Gooby, Aunt Vanice, Granny Asbell, Aunt Marcia, Uncle Johnny, cousin Landon, and his friend Tyler.. Oh and Uncle Gooby's dog, Bodie. So we're all in this house and, like mother like daughter, Mandi and Mom don't like the accomodations, but I think it's okay!
Being here only one day has been quite an adventure! We left the pondorosa at 7 am yesterday morning, stopped at this Cuban place where everything on the menu was in Spanish, and continued down to Big Pine Key. We got here and it's this big yellow house. Now the thing is, the upstairs is pretty nice, but the downstairs, where all the kids happen to be, is not so nice. But there's a treehouse outside! So one night Kendra and I are gonna buy some heavy duty water guns and sit there and squirt everyone who walks by! We also have a chalk wall in our room!! So we decided to write our names on it and funny quotes that come up during the week, so far we have a quote from Ken: "Deer in the Winn DIxie parking lot!" No lie. There are deer everywhere here because apparently it's illegal to hunt them down here, so they just randomly cross the road and you just have to patiently wait for them to mozy on along, they don't even get scared! But Dad was taking us to Winn Dixie at like midnight last night ( daddy's little girl =]) and all of the sudden we hear Kendra just laughing and mumbling that there is a deer in the parking lot! Oh and tension was high last night! Since we have fifteen people we can't all travel together to eat but we ended up trying to find somewhere to eat at eight. But Dad has to be that kind of person who reads the reviews to the restaraunt and so on and so forth. So he finds us this "No Name Bar & Grill," and only half of us went, so we arrive and open the door to find one dollar bills nailed and taped to every square inch of this restaraunt, floors, walls, ceiling, everything! So we decide it wasn't the best choice and go over to this nice place called Square Grouper, or something along those lines... So we got seated within the next twenty minutes (keep in mind EVERYONE is here for vacation) and had some pretty great food, I had three ginormous scallops and pork sausage, it was the most filling no carb meal I've ever had! And too bad it wasn't midnight, although it was nearing, because the tables beside us ordered this amazing looking fondue! I was so jealous! When we came home we made brownies and I made this scrumpcious brownie sundae at 12:30 with cookie dough ice cream, hersheys syrup, and frozen twix all smothered on top! And so far this morning I've made waffles and forgot to spray the pan, Greyson has been kicked in the face by Weston, and trust me there is more madness to come! Keep tuned!

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