Monday, April 13, 2009

The Journey Continues at the Florida Keys

So shortly after I was done writing my entry yesterday, my mom and others went snorkeling on the reef. Come to find out she was stung by a sting ray! She was wobbling around and her foot was swolen so Dad decided to send her to the ER. She got some drugs and is feeling a little better but the foot is still swole
Yesterday afternoon, all the kids of the group: myself, Ken, Arielle, Landon, Tyler, Greyson and Weston hung out. We were all talking about talking in our sleep and FFA and all of the sudden Greyson says, "Hey! One time I drank almost fifteen gallons of water in one day!", we all busted out laughing and how random he was being and hurt his feelings so he ran out the door and hid in the treehouse. Arielle had to go fish him out of the tree, poor fella is so sensitive! Then we all took a walk to the local park where on the way we saw like six deer in one yard so there we were, seven kids standing at the gate of a native's yard and he yelled at us! And all we were doing was taking pictures! We just haven't seen something like that before. Seriously, in Levy County if that were to happen those people would be having venison for dinner! Then we continued on our journey and Landon and Tyler decide they want themselves a coconut. So they pick a random palm tree at the edge of someones yard and Kendra and Landon put Tyler in a cheerleading stunt to grab us a coconut and all of the sudden we hear stompings coming from the house so we all sprint down the road, and there on the tree grabbing the coconut Tyler swings back and forth! Well, he finally caught up with us and we keep walking and Kendra and I notice this guy come out of literally nowhere behind us from one side of the woods to the other, at that point, Kendra and I locked elbows. We finally made it to the park safely, believe it or not, and they played kickball with a native family. I had flip flops on so I played a game on Kendra's phone. Then we made brownie sundaes which were great and I woke up this morning and there were only two brownies left!..... So I made another brownie sundae for breakfast :)
Kendra, Arielle and I went to Key West with Mandi and Gooby today. We had a blast! We first went to the Keno factory and bought us all some sandals. Then we all split and the twins and I searched long and hard for a decent restaraunt. We ended up eating at a place called Sloppy Jo's where I had some delicious sloppy jo fries with melted cheddar cheese on top =] Then we went to a few more stores and Logan had told Ken and I about this place that sells key lime pie on a stick and dips it in chocolate called the Blond Giraffe, so we headed that way and I guess this guy heard us talking about it and told us that we needed to go to this other place because they make their pie daily, which didn't matter to me because I don't even like key lime pie, but anyways we went to the place the native reccommended. I was content because I got a ginormous chocolate chip cookie! And Arielle just so happened to find a post card at the place that gave her a slogan for state office (she's running for ffa state office), so all in all it was a good thing we went to that place. Then we bought these belts that were three for five dollars, I bought a jacket, and we also got friendship bracelets! It was a fun trip!
On the way back to Big Pine Key, there was an iguana in the middle of the road and Gooby was like "Iguana! Iguana!" and then we swirved and I'm still not sure if we hit it or not. And now we're about to eat roast beef and such! peace!

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