Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking Things For Granted

Two weekends ago, I went to Jacksonville to visit my favorite brother, Blake and sister-in-law, Lana. I had a blast! We traveled up to South Carolina to retrieve an antique china cabnet Miss Leisa (Lana's mom) had seen at a little botique when she had visited up there. Miss Leisa had said it would be perfect for Lana's dining room and it was, indeed. While driving up to Beaufort, we all talked about random subjects, I had been consumed with High School so much lately, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to just spend time with my siblings! We stayed at Lana's aunt's house on this tiny island with many gorgeous houses, and rode around in the funniest looking golf cart ever! It was sea green, and because of the windy weather, had a plastic cover on it with zipper doors! We all squeezed in there, and rode around, picking our favorite houses. I had a great time that weekend, and had really forgotten how much fun it can be to simply spend time with them.
Last weekend, my parents decided to treat me for Valentine's Day. Now, I'm not a big fan of the holiday, sometimes makes me want to gag, but I figured Mom and Dad were safe Valentines. :) We to a lake called Mt. Dora. It was beautiful! I am a huge fan of "The Notebook," and it reminded me of the town, New Bern, that the story is set in! Nice little compact town. Friday night we ate dinner and accidentally ordered 45 dollar crab for an appetizer, Mom and I coulda swore the waiter did not tell us the price! Then we went to see a play at a theater called "The Icehouse." It was pretty good, not like the phantom though ;-) But, Saturday was the best! Mom and I spent a day at the spa and had massages, body scrubs, facials, manicures, and pedicures. It was a great, relaxing day. However, to end the day we ate at the restraunt in the hotel and they were seating us twenty minutes late to our reservations!! All in all, it was a great little vacation and I had forgotten how fun quality family time can be!
We arrived home Sunday afternoon, and later Sunday night I went to spend the night with my best friend Rachel since her birthday was on Monday. Lily, our other good friend was also there at Rachel's and that night was an adventure! Rachel cut Lily's hair, soon after Lily almost cried because she wasn't sure if she liked it. Oh and I got us some scrumpcious candy... some even humorous! (Bologna Gum!) To end the night, we watched a crazy, scary movie called "Mirrors." And they fell asleep on me in the middle of it so best believe I changed that channel to something pleasant! Monday, Miss Beckie cooked us bacon and eggs and rice, quite delicious! Then we went to Bronson for Rachel to get her restricted license... she had to take the test twice, hahaha. We ate lunch at the one and only Bubba Q's with it's amazing "Redneck Nachos"- crinkle cut fries with cheddar cheese, shredded pork, and sweet bbq sauce as toppings. Miss Molly, Harley, and Max also met us there for lunch. Harley rode back to Rachel's with us... Praise the Lord we're all safe from Rachel's driving! When we did get back to Morriston, we chased cows!! That is my definition of a good time! We were all piled on the buggy, the four of us, singing "How Do I Live" while riding over manuer stacks and chasing the bull. Then, we had dinner (Chicken & Dumplings :) and Miss Molly cooked an amazing birthday cake for Rachel. It was so tempting that Harley and I dug in before we even sang Happy Birthday to Rachel! hehehe :] I used to take Lily, Rachel, and Harley for granted, even though they were there for me the entire time!

Truth is, all these people that I took for granted are those that know the real Miranda and know how to cheer me up and I can truly say that I enjoy the time I spend with them :]

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