Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life so far...

Hey guys, I'm Miranda... I am a student in high school and I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I live in a small town where everyone knows everything about eachother... even some things you wouldn't want others to know, there's no way around it, someone's gonna tell someone else and before you know it, everyone knows. Despite that, I love this town. I've been here all my life and plan to die here as well... But I may want to move somewhere for college and what not. Well I'm active in the band here and the FFA. I have great friends... some of them are even like sisters. :) Arielle and Kendra are my triplets, they help me out with anything and everything and give me great advice.

Many people would say I have changed in the last year dramatically... I agree, I have matured, but I also know why. And if anyone who knew me would take a wild guess... they'd probably get it right as well :) I believe everything happens for a reason and that God has planned out each and every one of our lives... Almost as if he's the author of our life... We each have our own book of what's going to happen in the duration of our life. And there are different chapters. There are happy times, there are sad times, but there are always lessons learned. I have to think to myself "This is all part of God's plan." I've had some very influential people in my life. I can surely say they have changed me for the better. Some I get frustrated at sometimes... hehehe, we have our periods of time we can't stand eachother... But that's just what happens. We just come back together, like nothing ever happened.

Anyways, I have a loving family and church family. I love to sing! I'm a shy person, but I absolutely love to sing for some reason... It's so entertaining, especially when it's a good song you're singing. I also just love to listen to songs and the lyrics, I find that I can relate to many... Shhhh, don't tell anybody but I secretly love Carrie Underwood. :) I have a huge family: Mom and Dad of course... Then I have four older brothers: Nic, Blake, Cale, and Hunter, One older sister Mandi, A brother in law Jim, and two sister-in-laws: Lana and Michelle. I love them all very much, oh and I have two nephews Greyson and Weston... they are some cool kids. :) We have a second house in the stinkiest most unenjoyable place on earth: Cedar Key. :p I am dragged there practically every weekend. I was baptized in and am a member of my church. I also participate in the youth group and choir there. I play the piano, but I quit taking lessons for the time being, so hopefully I don't lose my talent. One of my friend's grandma is the best piano player I've ever seen/heard! I want to be like her someday. :)

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  1. Very good Miranda!! Now keep it up, although if you're like me, it's hard to find the time to do it. I also love your format...I love the design & colors...and it also made me think of 101 Dalmations!